Pointware Automatisering B.V.

Pointware is one of the leading company’s that supple and develop software and software tools for weighbridge systems. We are the designers and creators of the globally used development tool Flexpoint. With this development tool thousands of weighbridge applications have been made all over the world. Flexpoint has it's own legally for trading approved weighing module.

WinWeigh - Weighing software
WinWeigh is one of the weighbridge applications that is made with Flexpoint. No other solution provides more power, flexibility and management tools across the board spectrum of industries.

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We provide a flexible development environment for making standard weighing applications or customize software as per customer required. No other solution provides the power and operational flexibility for weighbridge management applications across a broad spectrum of industries. We have created a user-friendly and cost-efficient software package for your daily incoming and outgoing goods.


Handling vehicles, addresses, projects, products, pricing, invoicing, etc. Printing reports, interface with ERP/CRM applications.


Our software is international  Weights and Measures approved. It has a large driver libary for connecting indicators of different brands and types.


Flexpoint provides a rich platform for developing database and device driven applications. Application flow and process control is done by a powerfull scripting language.

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